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Se vende jengibre - suministro ilimitado

Product Name: Air dry ginger
Place of Origin: DOUALA , CAMEROON
Weight/Size: 100g-150g-200g-250g-300g up
Supply Time: All the year round
Temperature: 12-13 degree
Long shelf life, can be up to more than 2 years when properly stored.
MOQ: 22tons to 26tons per 40 feet container
Standard: top grade, smooth, yellow inside and nature yellow skin,
suitable to exporting to all over the world.
Packing: 1) 4/10/20 kg mesh bag
2) 4/8/9/10 kg paper carton or PVC box
3) 13/13.6 kg/30 lb paper carton or PVC box
Shipping: 1) about 23mt/40’ reefer, when packing by 20kg carton with film inside.
2)about 26mt/40’reefer,when packing by 10kg/20kg mesh bag.
Dry Ginger Picture
The process of air dry ginger product
1. Putting the fresh ginger on the water to wash clean.
2. Picking up the washed and qualified fresh ginger and classifying
3. Placing the fresh ginger in the shade to dry for a period of time.
4. Putting the half-dry ginger in the drying room until the skin of ginger is totally dry.
5. Clipping the unnecessary ginger teeth of air dry ginger and then packing according to


 5 eur.

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